Sources of Funding

Journeymen presently receives its funding from two sources: individual donations and ROPAW fees. For our rite of passage weekend (ROPAW), we ask of each man staffing to contribute financially, and there is a $350 fee for new boys to initiate, with greater than 50% receiving scholarships. In fact we have never turned away a young man from participating in our initiation weekend for not having the ability to pay the fee.

Use of Funds

Journeymen is largely an effort-based program, which means that most of our funding is allocated to staffing (41 percent). Of the 41 percent staffing, nearly a quarter of that effort is spent planning and executing our rites of passage weekends. Costs directly related to the rite of passage weekends is 26.6 percent. The remainder of our funding goes in small portions to our website, insurance, mentoring meetings, mentor training, and outings. As we work virtually without physical offices, very little of our funding goes to direct administrative expenses, just 5.9 percent, and a small portion of our staffing efforts are related to administrative tasks. Accounting and legal fees are currently provided pro bono.

Spring 2020 ROPAW

Enroll a boy or sign up to staff our spring rite of passage adventure weekend.

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