Board of Directors

Journeymen is fortunate for its dedicated board of directors, all of whom support Journeymen with personal contributions.

Papy Fisher, from New Hill, North Carolina, co-founded Journeymen Triangle in 20012 and has served on the Board as treasurer and president and currently serves a President Emeritus, supporting the current President. Papy other non-profit board service has been 24 years of a Church board and leadership team as well as 3 years serving on a public charter school board as a member, vice president, and president. Papy is also the founder of the FisherFarm Mentoring Institute where he and Debbie, his wife of 34 years, provide a transition space for young men on their journey to a thriving and authentic manhood. Papy believes in this healthy community of men and their mission to bring males out of the world of boys into the world of authentic manhood.

Papy Fisher

Board President Emeritus , Journeymen Triangle

Jake Humphrey, from Cary, North Carolina, has been involved with Journeymen Triangle for over seven years. He was initiated through the Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend in 2010 and he has stayed involved with the community ever since. As a result of mentorship and leadership development from Journeymen, Jake has been able to step into a leadership role in many areas of his life. He has been a manager at Chick-fil-A as well as a foreman at Raleigh Reclaimed, a custom woodworking business in Raleigh, NC. He loves the work he does with Journeymen and is committed to serving the boys of today and tomorrow.

Jake Humphrey

Board Member, Journeymen Triangle

Jeff Bowman

Board Member, Journeymen Triangle

John Craichy

Board Member, Journeymen Triangle

Jordan Bowman is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and a minor in Non-Profit Studies. At 14 year old, he initiated at Journeymen’s first ever ROPAW. Jordan recognized the value of this experience and came back each year to staff. He now serves on the ROPAW leadership team and as President of the Triangle board. He believes that every young man should have access to a community of conscious, healthy men and is hoping to bring that dream into reality.

Jordan Bowman

Board President, Journeymen Triangle

Scott Thomas

Board Member, Journeymen Triangle

Journeymen is currently seeking additional board members with a passion for serving adolescent boys during their critical time of transition into manhood, and a willingness to give of their time and resources for the growth and development of the Journeymen program. Please email if you are interested in exploring board membership with us.

Spring 2019 ROPAW

Enroll a boy or sign up to staff our spring rite of passage adventure weekend.

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